Your pickup is built solid and designed to handle tough workloads. But part of what keeps your truck running so well is routine maintenance and regular inspections. By regularly inspecting your RAM 1500 truck, you can avoid the hassle of major issues down the road. Our RAM dealership near Wooster offers an onsite service and parts center. With help from our team at Village Motors Inc., you can keep your pickup running in excellent condition for many years.

Routine care for RAM 1500 trucks

Your truck may alert you when it’s time to change the oil or check your tire pressure. Regular oil changes are essential for a healthy engine. It’s also vital to check the fluids and filters that keep the moving parts on your vehicle turning smoothly. Along with oil changes, our team may inspect, replenish, or replace various fluids like your coolant or brake fluid. We also install new filters regularly. Filters may include oil, fuel, AC, and cabin air filters.

Inspections on RAM 1500 trucks

Over time the parts on your pickup may wear out. While you’ll get a long life out of many parts, others, like fan belts, need replacing after a certain length of time. But unlike an oil change, it can be hard to tell when you need a belt replaced. Sure, you can listen for odd noises, like a squeaking when you turn your steering wheel. But the best way to avoid problems is to get regular inspections on your truck.

Get service at your RAM dealership near Wooster

Village Motors Inc. is here to assist you with everything related to RAM 1500 trucks near Wooster. Our trained techs inspect and repair your pickup onsite. If you have concerns about your truck, then stop by our RAM dealership or schedule a service appointment online.