If the rising prices at the pump have you down, we totally get it. You can still enjoy some summer drives and road trips without breaking the bank this summer though, especially if you follow some of these tips from the experts at Village Motors Inc!

Whether you’re ready to buy one of our fuel-efficient cars or you plan to keep your current vehicle, any of the following strategies can help you make the most out of each gallon of gasoline.

Ditch Excess Cargo

If you have a bunch of random stuff rattling around in your trunk, bed, or back seat, it’s weighing you down. All that added weight can seem insignificant, but if you have enough excess cargo in your vehicle, you could be reducing your own gas mileage. If you don’t need it on this trip, don’t keep it in your car.

Keep Up with Maintenance

There are a few maintenance and service tasks that can help your engine run more efficiently. An oil change is an important example. Skipping or delaying routine maintenance can result in a car that wastes gasoline, so do what’s best for your wallet and schedule the occasional appointment at our Dodge service center.

Don’t Drive Aggressively

Aggressive driving behaviors like speeding around, rampant lane changes, and stopping short can all waste a lot of gasoline. Driving safely not only reduces your chance of getting into an accident, but it can improve your gas mileage because you’re not constantly pushing your car too hard and then bringing it to a halt.

If you’re looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle of your own, visit our RAM dealership in Millersburg, OH. We’ll help you find a new car, truck, or SUV that offers all of the features that you need!