At Village Motors, Inc., we want our customers to feel empowered when it comes to the long-term well-being of their car. It helps to know what Chrysler factory parts you’ll most likely need to replace over the life of your vehicle.

Here’s a list of common Chrysler parts you’ll need to replace or upgrade at some point.

Spark Plugs

Your engine is powered by a mixture of fuel and air which requires a spark to ignite. Spark plugs are crucial to your engine and can corrode over time. When they misfire, your engine can waste fuel.

Timing Belt

Your timing belt ensures that your valves turn properly and is another important part of your engine. These can frequently wear out and snap, so make sure you keep an eye on their condition.

Starter & Alternator

Your starter is an electric motor which rotates and starts your car’s engine. The alternator converts mechanical energy into electricity to charge your battery as your drive. If your battery won’t hold a charge, these systems probably need replacing.


Your battery is central to your engine’s long-term health. They can frequently go bad or die completely, so check on it regularly and replace when necessary.

Brake Pads

Your brakes are one of the most-used components on your car. Every time you slow down, you wear them down a little more. Eventually, you’ll hear a metal-on-metal scream, and that means it’s time to replace them.


You have a lot of filters on your car: for the oil, for the air, for the fuel, for the transmission fluid, and more. These will need to be replaced to ensure proper air quality, engine lubrication, and so on.

For questions about your Chrysler parts or to schedule a service visit, contact us here at Village Motors, Inc. today!