Just in case you haven’t noticed, winter has arrived. Even though it’s not even officially winter yet, here in the Wooster, OH area, we’ve already received numbing temperatures, snow, and ice. It looks like we’re in line for a long, brutal winter, and one of the worst parts of winter is having to keep your car maintained. One thing drivers often forget to do before winter strikes is to winterize their car. Luckily for you, here at Village Motors Inc., we have a team of helpful mechanics ready to get your vehicle winterized.  

When the temperature drops below freezing and the roads are covered in snow, ice, and salt, your car faces heightened challenges. The first of these involves the battery. Cold temperatures make it more difficult for the battery to turn over, and the last thing you want on a cold morning before work is to be stuck in your garage with a dead battery. This problem has a quick fix, which is simply making sure that your battery has enough charge. Here at our Chrysler service center, we can perform this battery test, as well as every other winterizing service that you need performed.

One other car part that you’ll want to check out are the wiper blades. When your windshield is covered in snow and ice, you’ll need wiper blades that aren’t dull to adequately clear off your windshield. Finally, if you do a lot of driving on snowy roads, we recommend that you upgrade to snow tires. All-season tires are fine for most of the year, but snow tires give you extra traction and handling in inclement conditions.

Here at Village Motors Inc., our trained mechanics are ready to winterize your car. Stop by and see us today!