car loan

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, we know that there are a lot of difficult choices to make. Of course, perhaps the most difficult of those is deciding what car to drive home, but beyond that decision, drivers near Wooster, OH also have to choose whether they want to buy or lease a new car. Here at Village Motors Inc., we are here to help you make this decision so that you can drive off our lot in your — leased or owned — new RAM truck, Dodge car, Chrysler van, or Jeep® SUV. 

Buying a car is the traditional choice and it comes with many advantages. The first and most obvious of these is equity, or the fact that you actually own the car. This way, you aren’t locked in a contract and you can drive as many miles as you desire every year. You also won’t have to worry about penalty fees like you would with a lease and won’t be charged for damage that the car might take.

Another option for driving home in that new 2017 RAM 1500 that you’ve been eyeing is by leasing it. Think of a lease as a long-term rental, often three years, that you trade in at the end for a brand new car. Thus, leasing is ideal for drivers who get that itch to drive a new car every couple of years. Leasing also tends to be more hassle-free than buying because the turn-in process is so simple. When your lease contract ends, all you have to do is head over to our dealership and pick out a new car to lease and drive home.

Whether leasing or buying is right for you, Village Motors, Inc. can provide you with a new car. Stop by and talk to our experts about the best option for you!