Ahhh summer…the time for road trips, family fun, and…inflated gas prices. After all, if you’re packing up the family for a road trip to your summer vacation spot, you understand the inevitability of paying more at the pump. However, the frequency with which you visit the gas station is something you can control if you follow these tips from Village Motors Inc.

Good tires are key: There are a few facets to ensuring your tires are always in good shape. For one, have your tires rotated every 7,000 miles. Second, confirm that your tires are properly inflated. Even a slight decrease in air pressure can cause your vehicle to burn more fuel. And third, don’t try to squeak out another 100 miles on worn-out tires. Buy new and avoid the safety and fuel efficiency-related perils associated with bad tires.

Don’t forget about cruise control: If we’re talking about fuel-saving technologies that have been around for decades yet still deliver significant value, cruise control probably tops the list. Whether your vehicle of choice is a Chrysler 300 or a RAM 1500 near Wooster, OH, using cruise control during long-distance highway drives helps save gas.

Acceleration/braking: Lead-footed drivers won’t like hearing this, but flooring the gas pedal at every green light isn’t a great way to save fuel. Nor is slamming on the brakes before switching back to the accelerator. Instead, take it slow and steady on both fronts, and learn to predict the flow of traffic. If you do this, you can increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent.

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