Winter’s official start is less than two weeks away, and streets are becoming increasingly crowded with holiday shoppers and travelers. Knowing that road quality won’t always be ideal due to snow, ice, and sleet, Village Motors Inc. in Millersburg, OH, has a few things for our customers to keep in mind when out and about.

If your vehicle has all-wheel drive (AWD) or four-wheel drive (4WD), for example a RAM 2500 or a Jeep Wrangler, you’re already in good shape. These systems are especially helpful in poor conditions when stability, traction, and acceleration are compromised. And if you’re planning on doing some off-roading this winter, you’ll be especially glad to have 4WD on your side. Another drivetrain, rear-wheel drive (RWD), can offer strong performance in certain conditions. However, if your car is front-wheel drive (FWD), you might want to visit our nearby Chrysler dealership and invest in a set of snow tires. You can buy them here and have them installed too, and you’ll be pleased with their extra durability and rugged tread pattern, both big boons on cold, slick roads.

SUVs like a Jeep Grand Cherokee near Wooster, OH, are designed for all-season, all-weather performance, but you can always take extra steps to ensure vehicles like these are fully winterized. By “winterized”, we mean bringing your car to our dealership for a battery test, cabin heater/defrost unit check, and a fluid top-off. Our RAM dealers serving New Philadelphia, OH, can also hook you up with winter-focused parts such as all-weather floor mats and special winter wiper blades, both of which are far superior to regular floor mats and wipers.

Check our website for service and parts specials, and contact us today for an appointment to have your vehicle winterized. When the snow hits, you’ll be glad you did!