One of the great things about shopping for your next car at Village Motors is the sheer number of quality automobiles you can choose from. As a dealership that specializes in vehicles from the FCA US LLC, we have four terrific makes to choose from – everything from Dodge minivans and RAM trucks to Chrysler sedans and Jeep® SUVs.

With such a diverse inventory at your disposal, all you need to do is decide whether to lease or finance your next vehicle. However, this decision is seldom easy, especially when you can find terrific specials for each category either at our local Jeep dealership or on the official website of your favorite make. So which path is best for you? Well, customers who would benefit from leasing a vehicle typically fit the following profile:

  • Don’t rack up an excessive amount of miles per year
  • Like to drive a new car every few years
  • Want to maintain low cost of ownership in terms of down payment, monthly payment, and maintenance
  • Prefer not to buy a car and go through the hassle of selling it or trading it in
  • Not interested in customizing their car

If you agree with these points, then you should consider leasing that Jeep Grand Cherokee near Wooster, OH you’ve had your eye on. On the flipside, if you wanted to own a vehicle for several years, build equity, pay it off, and drive without a payment for a few years before selling it and starting over again, then financing would make more sense.

The finance specialists at our Chrysler dealer serving New Philadelphia, OH have significant experience with both scenarios, and they’ll do what’s best for you. Contact us today and let’s talk further!