Car wheel tire

Here at Village Motors Inc., we do much more than sell a wide variety of new and pre-owned FCA US LLC vehicles near Wooster, OH. In addition to our vehicle inventory, we are known throughout Ohio for helpful local drivers get their cars back into tip top shape when they break down. One of the most integral components of the vehicle is its set of tires. These are the only things that connect the rest of your vehicle to the road, and old, worn-out tires can cause performance and safety issues. 

Tire wear is a normal occurrence that accelerates over time. As your car’s tires get used, the grooves in them become deeper, and they have a harder time gripping the road, causing a change in performance. While some tire wear is normal, it becomes dangerous and performance-impeding when the tires lose most of their tread. Tread is necessary when there is precipitation on the road, and it helps the tire cut through moisture to grip the road. In addition to time, other things that can cause tire wear to accelerate are improperly inflated tires and out-of-spec tire alignment.  

At our Chrysler service center, our professional and highly-trained mechanics are tire experts and are happy to inform you about anything else regarding their use. Additionally, we carry a wide variety of different tires at our service center, and we install them for you. Most every day, drivers near New Philidelphia, OH will be satisfied with standard all-season tires, but if you’re a driver who likes to go off-roading, you’ll want to get durable all-terrain tires installed on your 2017 Jeep® Cherokee SUV.

To get the ball rolling on your new set of tires, head on over to Village Motors Inc. today!