After a long run at the top of the United States minivan market, the Chrysler Town & Country is about to say its goodbyes. This past week, at the Detroit Auto Show, FCA US LLC announced that 2016 would be the last model year for the Town & Country and that it would be replaced by the upcoming Chrysler Pacifica. Here at Village Motors Inc., this news does make us a little bit sad, since the Town & Country has been a minivan stalwart since the 1980s, but we are more excited to see improvements the Pacifica has to offer. 

Automotive industry analysts believe that the main reason for Chrysler axing the Town & Country and introducing the Pacifica is to change the perception of minivans in the minds of consumers. The young adults who would now be buying minivans likely grew up in their parents’ 1980s Town & Country minivans and FCA US LLC wants to make it clear that the Pacifica is not your parents’ minivan.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is that it rides upon an all-new platform, even if its similar dimensionally to the Town & Country. The body itself is sleek and stylish, borrowing front and rear-end styling cues from the Chrysler 200 sedan. The top trim models can be had with large 20-inch wheels, and the Pacifica tips the scales at 300 pounds lighter than the Town & Country. Inside, the Pacifica will boast a new Uconnect Theater feature, with a pair of 10-inch touchscreen displays.

To get behind the wheel of the 2016 Chrysler Town & Country before it goes out of production, stop by Village Motors Inc. today!