Are you in need of a vehicle that offers you downright power?  Are you in need of a vehicle that can stand up to all of the tough jobs you need to get done?  If your answer to these questions is yes, then you need the 2014 RAM 2500.  With the 2014 RAM 2500, you will find power, and so much more.


The 2014 RAM 2500 is a big boy truck for big boy jobs.  But, while the 2014 RAM 2500 is capable of getting your tough jobs done, it is also capable of being a versatile vehicle.  For example, the 2014 RAM 2500 is available in seven different trim levels.  These different trim levels of the 2014 RAM 2500 are powered by several different engines.  Thus, the 2014 RAM 2500 can offer you just enough power to get your job done, without over doing it.


One of the seven trim levels is the 2014 RAM 2500 Big Horn.  This trim levels is powered by a 5.7-liter, HEMI V8 engine.  The 2014 RAM 2500 Big Horn can tow 17,850 pounds.  Like we said, the 2014 RAM 2500 can get big jobs done!


Are you interested in test driving the 2014 RAM 2500?  If so, we invite you to make the short drive from Wooster to our RAM dealership.  Village Motors Inc. is located in nearby Millersburg, Ohio.  On our RAM dealer lot, you will find a wide selection of 2014 RAM 2500 truck models.  Our inventory of 2014 RAM 2500 truck models at Village Motors Inc. means you can find the right trim level for you and your vehicle needs.  To get started on this process today, get to Village Motors Inc. in Millersburg today!