FCA US LLC has taken a step towards the future by deciding to stop producing their five-speed transmission vehicles. They have also increased their transmission production entirely as a result of sales continuing to grow.

FCA US LLC has shown a consistent six percent growth in sales over a period of over seven months, which caused Brian Harlow, head of manufacturing, to rethink FCA US LLC’s manufacturing strategy. Harlow states that FCA US LLC is planning to utilize its space in the Kokomo plant for global transmission production rather than just producing domestic transmission. In addition to the production in Kokomo expanding globally, the plant will also be used to engineer more efficient and ecological vehicles.

Harlow hasn’t revealed any specifics about what this means, but he states that the company is moving toward the World Class Manufacturing method, which means the brand will be focusing on eliminating waste, increasing productivity, and improving safety features.

The company also plans to continue moving into the direction of electric-powered vehicles, like the 2019 RAM 1500 eTorque, which is RAM’s first semi-hybrid engine.

Harlow also explained why FCA US LLC has made the decision to discontinue five-speed transmissions. He states: “It’s been a very good transmission for us – the five-speed, four-wheel drive,” he said. “Those transmissions made lots of vehicles, but they’re just outdated.”

One of the most beloved five-speed transmission cars from the automotive group was the Jeep® Wrangler. FCA stopped producing the five-speed Jeep Wrangler back in March, but this isn’t bad news for nostalgic customers. Harlow states that a new version of the JEep Wrangler is set to launch with an eight-speed transmission which will allow for a much smoother drive as well as less fuel emissions.

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