Brakes are something we take for granted. Between holidays and our busy lives, we may put off a brake inspection. Doing so can result in greater damage to our car’s parts. Learn how the brake system on your Jeep® Cherokee works. If you have questions, then stop by our Millersburg Jeep dealership.

How brakes on your Jeep Cherokee work

When you press your foot on your brake pedal, then a series of internal actions take place. First, your master brake cylinder sends a signal to the calipers located at each tire. These calipers move two brake pads per tire against the spinning rotor. Brake lines run brake fluid to all moving parts to keep every piece running smoothly. But, what happens when your brake components wear out?

Each brake part is made out of fibers, metal, and other materials. With every use, small bits wear away. Other things, like road salt or grime, get inside your brake system. These tiny particles cause friction in your components and cause extra wear on your brake parts. Although many manufacturers recommend checking your brakes every 10,000 miles or every third oil check, you may need to inspect much sooner.

  • Daily stop-n-go driving
  • Poor road conditions
  • Noticeable problems with braking

Why get brake service at our Millersburg Jeep dealership

Our team at Village Motors Inc. uses OEM parts, state-of-the-art tools, and relies on factory-trained technicians to perform work. Our Jeep dealership provides shuttle and drop-off service, free wi-fi, and rental vehicles. If you’re concerned about your Jeep Cherokee’s braking system, then stop by our service department. A member of our team will assess your vehicle and give you options for service.