If you know a car fan, you have other options than buying them a new vehicle for the holidays. At Village Motors Inc., we serve Millersburg, OH with genuine Mopar® parts and accessories. Often, people underestimate just how useful a car part can be as a gift. If a person you know owns a Chrysler vehicle, Dodge car, Jeep SUV, or RAM truck, they may appreciate one of these essential items.

Exhaust Tips

Exhaust tips, also known as mufflers, add a lot of aesthetic quality to a car. They come in various colors and shapes to suit your style. Some may also help to enhance the sound of the vehicle, known as “resonator exhaust tips.”

Drain Pan

Whether you need to replace your oil, transmission fluid, or brake fluid, a drain pan comes in handy. They are inexpensive, yet incredibly helpful to have in your garage.

Spark Plugs

The spark plug is what provides power to the engine, so when they break, it can cause several engine problems. Many people replace their spark plugs at home, so it’s a handy thing for owners to have lying around.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are one of those things people often need, but never get around to buying. What you may not know is that Mopar® has its own line of floor mats for various vehicles. Built to be durable and well-fitting, they make the perfect Christmas gift for car lovers.

When it comes to buying gifts for the people on your lsit, the little things count. Get your loved one a gift that’s made to last by visiting our car parts center at Village Motors Inc.