Is your RAM 1500 struggling to keep up with the heat of the summer? Perhaps you notice that the interior isn’t cooling down as it should or that your truck is rumbling a bit before starting. It’s essential to check out these problems before they turn into significant issues. Our Millersburg, OH RAM dealership provides on-site services with trained technicians. We offer A/C and battery inspections, along with coolant replenishment. You can call our service department or schedule your appointment online.

A/C Inspection

Nothing feels better than getting into an ice-cold car when the temperatures are sizzling outside. However, you may notice that even at max, your air doesn’t seem to be cooling down your truck. Perhaps the air from your vents feels room temperature, or there’s a musty smell to it. With an A/C inspection, our trained techs review your system, including fans and hoses, to make sure there aren’t any leaks or other types of issues. Plus, we’ll replace your air filter to keep your cabin air smelling fresh.

Battery Inspection

A vehicle that sits outside all day faces dangers from the sun. Our RAM dealership near New Philadelphia, OH has trained techs to asses your battery condition, clean off the corroded elements, and recharge it. If it needs replacing, then we keep a full stock of parts.

Coolant Replenishment

Just as water evaporates outside, so do the fluids under your hood. During the summer months, your engine depends on coolant more than any other time of year. Without a sufficient amount of coolant, your engine could overheat and cause additional damage. Our team inspects your fluids, determines if your coolant needs flushing, then replaces the liquid with fresh coolant.

Ensure your 2019 RAM 1500 holds its value over time by taking care of it during the hot summer months. Proper battery and A/C repair help your truck run efficiently all year long. Schedule a service with our RAM dealership by calling Village Motors, Inc today.