Is your steering wheel pulling from side to side while driving? Perhaps you’ve noticed some vibration in your 2019 Jeep® Grand Cherokee? Both of these problems are signs that your suspension needs an alignment. Wondering if it’s necessary to get it fixed right away or if you can wait it out? Find out more about how a misaligned vehicle impacts your car and why it’s essential to have it checked out. Visit our team at Village Motors Inc. with any questions you may have.

Signs It’s Time for an Alignment

Along with noticing problems with your steering wheel, there are a few other signs that point to the need for an adjustment. The first place to check is with your tires. When you have suspension issues, your car doesn’t sit at the correct angle over your wheels. This often leads to more wear and tear on your tires or can leave one tire more worn out than others. If you notice excess wear on your tires or one looking more worn, then consider having your vehicle inspected at our Millersburg, OH Jeep dealership.

Effects of a Misaligned Car

Once your car’s suspension is off-balance, it affects more than your tires. That’s because your 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee was designed to sit at precise angles on the wheels for optimal performance and handling. Once this is incorrect, then excess wear occurs on various parts off your vehicle. Before performing an alignment, our team will examine the underside of your car to ensure that all components, like your ball joints, tie rod, and steering bushing, are unharmed.

Alignments at Village Motors Inc.

During an alignment, our team will hoist your car up and hook your SUV to a machine. Then, our trained technicians will fix the various suspension angles that affect tire movement and position. If you have concerns, then call our Jeep dealership in Millersburg, OH.