Is your 2019 RAM 1500 ready for winter? Cold weather does a number on vehicles, so it’s important to double-check a few components before freezing temps hit. Our team at Village Motors Inc. near New Philadelphia offers a few tips to get started on winterizing your RAM truck.

1. Inspect your tires

Your tires are a critical part of your 2019 RAM 1500. Fortunately, your pickup’s electronic systems can alert you if your tire inflation is low. However, it’s always a good idea to bring your truck in for a tire inspection before heading out on a trip.

2. Change your windshield wipers

Have you noticed that your wipers aren’t cleaning off your windshield as well as they should? The rubber on your wipers may be worn out. Bring in your vehicle to our RAM dealership near New Philadelphia and we’ll check them out. That last thing you need while driving in the snow are wipers that don’t work!

3. Examine your battery

After a hot summer, your truck battery may have some extra corrosion around the connections. Or it may be running low on its charge. You can either purchase a new battery or recharge your older one to start the winter off on the right foot.

4. Top off your fluids

Along with regularly scheduled maintenance, it’s a good idea to top off your fluids before the winter hits. No need to worry about popping your hood in freezing temps, so bring your 2019 RAM 1500 in and we’ll take care of it for you.

At Village Motors Inc., we understand that winterizing your 2019 RAM 1500 can be a pain. That’s why we’re offering a variety of MOPAR parts and our trained technicians will be able to handle everything for you. Stop into our RAM dealership near New Philadelphia and get the service your truck needs today.