Are you dreaming about owning a Jeep® Grand Cherokee? Or maybe a new Chrysler Pacifica? Make that dream a reality by preparing your budget. Our Wooster, OH Jeep dealer offers onsite financing with a team of experts to help you get precisely what you’re looking for. At Village Motors Inc., we answer any questions you have about pricing, financing, or even trading in your current model. Use these three tips for successful budgeting, then give us a call at 800-292-8842.

1. Find out what you can afford

Get a clear view of your finances by taking your total income and subtracting your monthly bills. Don’t forget to add in the cost of food, clothing, medical bills, and other household essentials. Next, figure out what additional expenses come with a new car.

  • Registration or licensing fees
  • Car insurance payments
  • Gas and maintenance

2. Consider a down payment or trade-in

Get the most out of your budget by putting money down on your vehicle or trading in your current car. Doing so will help lower the amount of financing you’ll need. You can use a trade-in estimator calculator to help you determine what your current vehicle is worth.

3. Compare models and payments

Head over to our website and check out our selection Jeep Grand Cherokee models. Choose a few of your favorites for comparison. Then use an online payment calculator to estimate what your monthly payment would be for each SUV on your list.

  • Start with the car price then subtract your down payment or trade-in value
  • Select your annual percentage rate which may vary according to your credit score
  • Choose your loan term length

Give Village Motors Inc. a call. We’ll help you determine which models fit your budget and find financing options. Our team is on hand to help you drive home a Jeep Grand Cherokee today.