There’s some great new technology coming soon to Jeep® vehicles, and I can’t wait to share it with you: the start-stop engine. What is a start-stop engine? Well, what if I told you that it was going to save you bundles of money? Simply put, it’s an engine that stops running when you sit for any kind of time. No more wasting gas needlessly–at least, not if you’re driving a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, which will include this great new engine!

Advance Your Thinking

I’ve run into some skeptics with this and that is ok. This is a revolutionary concept for most people. If you really think about it though , we’ve all been in a situation where we thought we should just turn off the vehicle. I was once stuck in a traffic jam where it took three hours to go two miles. This engine would have saved me some dollars.


Release The Frustration

The next time you’re stuck in a mind numbing interstate parking lot like that you can at least smile knowing that your engine isn’t wasting gas for you to sit there. When you’re ready to go again that few inches that the jam allows, the new engine will start up in three tenths of a second.


Drive Happier

If you get as frustrated as I do with those situations, anything can help and be appreciated. So when you’re considering your next vehicle, check out the 2015 Jeep Cherokee! When you’re ready to take a look, stop by Village Motors Inc., and we’ll get you set up with a test drive.