Have you wondered what the next awesome thing from RAM® trucks was going to be? Well I was too until the other day when I got to see the mock-up of the two way tailgate. You are going to love this thing when it becomes available. Today I’m going to give you a preview so please enjoy.

Swing Out

The big new thing with the tailgate on the new RAM trucks is going to be the two part out swing design. If you have a pallet of something heavy and are afraid of overloading the weight limit on the gate, then this is the perfect innovation for you. With a split in the middle like old-school suicide doors, you will be able to open the tailgate and remove it from the equation.


Swing Down

If you’re a purest at heart like myself, then obviously you want a place to sit and chill around a bonfire and for those folks the true innovation come into focus. This new tailgate will still have the standard downswing that we all know and love. Let’s face it, for some it is the whole reason they own a truck.


Swing In

If you’re curious about this then come see when it will be available on a 2014 RAM 1500. If you’re like me and you want a big heavy duty do anything truck, then ask us about availability on a 2014 RAM 2500. Either way it is little changes like this that keep us all coming back and enjoying being pickup truck owners.